High Tide Empowerment, LLC  
"Conquer the Wave."
About Us

Our Beliefs:

We believe that image, attitude and work ethics are key to achieving your professional and personal goals. Creating a distinct image, having a positive attitude, and good work ethic are great foundational steps for success.

Our Name:

High Tide Empowerment, LLC a Phoenix Moon, LLC family company. The parent company is Phoenix Moon, LLC. The Phoenix comes from the great stories in mythology. The Phoenix is the most brilliant bird but from time to time it ignites into a self consuming fire of bright red and orange flames, only leaving behind the ashes of its former self. From those ashes a new more brilliant soul is born that is ready to take on new challenges without looking back to its past life. The moon represents the light that pierces the darkness. It has often been said that the specific phases of the moon can affect nature in ways like raising the tide. Therefore we are the Phoenix Moon, reborn from our challenges and following the light that pierces the darkness at one with nature.

High Tide Empowerment, LLC was born as a subsidiary company focusing specifically on career coaching and motivational speaking. The meaning behind the name is simple. High Tide Empowerment, LLC will inspire, enable, and empower individuals to accomplish their professional and personal goals. As a result of the power of career coaching, our clients will be able to navigate their careers with confidence to the high tide as it raises all boats.

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Our Mission:

The mission of the High Tide Empowerment, LLC is to inspire and enable individuals to accomplish their professional and personal goals.

Our Vision:

At High Tide Empowerment, LLC our vision is to unlock an internal passion in our clients that transcends cultural, gender and generational differences, helping individuals  throughout the world to live their dreams.

Our Passion:

High Tide Empowerment, LLC is firmly committed to providing support, encouragement, and superior customer service to our clients as you navigate through this new and exciting time in your life.  After all, our passion is helping you find yours!

Our Founder:

Yvette J. Lincoln is an extremely focused, highly motivated professional with over 10 years of experience. She has always devoted her personal time to ensure that she shares her experiences, encouragement, and professional guidance to other rising and new professionals. She enjoys seeing people reach their full potential and future aspirations. Biography

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