High Tide Empowerment, LLC  
"Conquer the Wave."

“In only 3 months of weekly meetings, [Yvette] helped me improve my professional look, image and attitude. She inspired me to dream, enabled me to succeed and empowered me to achieve. I learned how to navigate the career for me. With her help, I was transformed from what I was to a power-steering professional and I love it!”

Charlene T. Dobbs
VP of Business Development
 Los Angeles, CA

"Students from the alternative school described her presentation as life-changing, and staff in the Educational Opportunity Department found her tips on networking to be practical, helpful, and felt they were likely to use the information she shared."

Shalini Suryanarayana
Executive Director of Educational Opportunity
Michigan Technological University

"One of Yvette’s strengths is that she will give you the feedback that you NEED to grow and help you develop a plan to get there in your career. I honestly feel that if I did not have Yvette as my career coach I would not be as proactive and aware of my professional development as I am now. Her insight and advice helped ignite a fire inside of me that will continue to drive me to get to the next level and she will forever share a piece of the success that I achieve in my career."

Jack Tirado
Workforce Management Associate Analyst
New Brunswick, NJ

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